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You asked, we answered! The who, what, where, when and why of our chocolate creations.


Kim Campbell, the founder and chocolatier of ‘a box of bonbons’ began her chocolate journey one year ago, after discovering these beautiful morsels during a trip to New York City, on a food tour to be exact. The tour guide told the group that they were about to eat something called a ‘bonbon’, and to be prepared for chocolate goodness. Well, the rest is history, and Kim decided to make these for her community, so everyone could be blessed with such a treat.


What is a bonbon you ask? Well, to start, it’s really fun to say it with a French accent, and it’s also really fun to pop these cute little sweets into your mouth. They are beautifully painted and molded chocolates filled with ganache and sometimes even layered with fruit, nut pralines and more. Your imagination is the only limitation for flavours and textures of these little works of art. They are almost too beautiful to eat!


A Box of BonBons currently creates in the Abbotsford area, servicing the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland. They also are now shipping to outside the Lower Mainland and to Alberta.


Any time is chocolate time! Ordering is always available on their website They have some amazing chocolate and confections at Rust Winery in Oliver, BC, and local food supply co. - They also occasionally stock at Birchwood Dairy Farm Store on Sumas Prairie.


Kim wanted to use her creativity and knowledge of chocolate in a new way, so in addition to bonbons that she makes fresh and to order, she has also branched out to create other confections, such as toffees, caramels, nougats and bark.

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