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pâte de fruit - the french treat that kicks gummies up a notch!


To the average person, pâte conjurs up thoughts of a savory paste of meat eaten with crackers. However, pâte is defined as a paste, pastry, or dough, which explains the confusion about what it is. The pâte de fruit is, in some ways, a paste and a dough. But pâte de fruit literally is a candy of nature, mostly made from the pulp of a fruit.


The pâte de fruit looks like gummy candy as we see them in the stores, though perhaps more opaque in colour. A pâte de fruit recipe calls for pectin, sugar, and fruit puree. The pectin and sugar are dissolved and mixed in with a heated fruit puree and combined with a tartaric acid solution. Then you carefully pour the mixture into molds with the shape of your choice. They have a higher fruit content than gummies from the store and are set with pectin, which is a naturally-occurring fibre found in the skins and pulp of fruits, rather than gelatin. So pâte de fruit is also VEGAN!

The first pâte de fruits were made in the middle ages where apricots and oranges were used. However, now, as with all modern food, pâte de fruits can be made with any ingredient, even alcohol, like gin (my favourite)!

While these aren't always available in the shop, I do get inspired at special holidays to make a few boxes. Keep updated on our instagram and sign up for our newsletter on our website so you can find out when these fruity little morsels will make another appearance!


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