best MOM ever!

Rose Buds

Sweeten Mom's day and let her know how much you appreciate her with our amazing chocolate treats!

order until April 30 . pick up May 8

we          mom!
momday heart.jpg

Layered with our own pistachio praline and pure raspberry ganache, these chocolate hearts are shelled in your choice of creamy white chocolate or 55% dark chocolate.

The mom in your life is going to love it!

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our flavours for spring include lemon meringue, honey lavender, and mint leaf chip. and of course you can always get our regular flavours (classic, chocolate peanut butter, whiskey, espresso, milk 'n cookies, and caramel)

candy bars

layers of flavours and textures within a dark chocolate shell.  Flavours for mom are earl grey and caramel peanut butter!

the homemade marshmallow

simple - and these are the best marshmallows you will ever taste!

Bag of 4 large, hand cut marshmallows. This spring, we've made chocolate, and just for Mom, we went and dipped the passionfruit in dark chocolate!

marsh mom copy.jpg