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artisan chocolate

by hand, small batch
because we want you to LOVE our chocolate!

spring bonbons cut.jpg

At a box of bonbons, we create artisan chocolate that, once unboxed, looks too beautiful to eat... and then we want you to eat it. Our goal is for you to be speechless, but then we want you to tell your friends!

Everything you see in our shop is made right on the premises, in our little kitchen in the back. We make small batches and each bonbon is painted by hand. They are truly little works of art!

We believe in fresh ingredients, hard work, and that chocolate makes everything sweeter!

We are a multi-generational family who has enjoyed making chocolates for family and friends for almost 50 years. We use recipes from our family's history and blend them into new creations.

Located in the beautiful Fraser Valley, we are fortunate to have an amazing local community to call home. We strive to support and encourage our neighbourhood businesses while bringing you beautifully crafted and fresh confections. 


​We create small batches entirely by hand right here in Abbotsford. Our bonbons are hand-shelled using the best sourced chocolate that has been processed according to fair and ethical standards.


Our fillings are made from local ingredients, and if we can't find them locally, we try to get them as close to home as possible. We don't add preservatives - only pure, natural ingredients are used in our bon bons. It's best to consume these sweet little morsels immediately! (or within a few days)

Kim Campbell, founder

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